10 Tips to Improve your English Writing Skills

English Writing Skills

Have you ever heard that writing is a God-gifted skill? Well, I have heard this myth a lot of times. Writing is a skill that everyone can learn if he has a passion for it. By following some tips and methods, everyone can become an expert in writing. What are these tips? Let’s have a look at them.

  • Practice writing advanced sentences:

To develop your writing muscle, you should practice writing advanced sentences. You should try to write expressive sentences using advanced vocabulary and grammar.

So, how will you practice? You can take a list of words, say a list of verbs that start with K, and practice writing sentences of each word present in the list. This practice will teach you how to use words in a context.

  • Write Daily:

You can’t be perfect in anything if you don’t practice it daily. Practicing daily will develop your writing muscles and will level up your writing.

Try to write at least half a page daily. Dedicate half an hour to writing in your initial stage. Little by little, add up your time and pages. Do write on those topics in which you have an interest. It will make this practice enjoyable and you will learn a lot during the process.

  • Make Outline:

The most crucial thing to improve your writing is to outline whatever you are going to write. Research or brainstorm about the topic you are going to write, and make bullet points or headings. It will help you in covering all aspects of your topic and will give it an organized look.

  • Organize your Essay:

Organizing paragraphs is also an important aspect of writing. If you have learned this skill, you have achieved a milestone in your writing journey.

Your article or essay should start with an introduction to your topic. The introductory lines are also known as topic sentences. The following paragraphs should support your topic sentence. There should be more information about your topic sentence. Keep your essay focused on a single idea or point. Finally, do add the conclusion paragraph. The conclusion paragraph should be a summary of your whole essay. Don’t add anything new to it

  • Read a lot:

You can’t be a writer unless you are not a reader. Read so that you can create a unique piece.

Initially, you should start reading blogs because they are easy to read and will take less time. Read different bloggers and articles and observe their way of writing. After that, start reading books and novels too.

Excessive reading will give you an idea of different types of writing. It will help you to write a well-researched and unique piece of writing.

  • Have a mentor for checking your work:

It will be better if you have a mentor who will read your work and point out your mistakes. Readers’ reviews can help a writer a lot in his writing journey. If you can ask your teacher or any mentor to check your work, you should go for it.

In case you don’t have any mentor or teacher, you can look for different online writing groups.

  • Use English Dictionary and Thesaurus:

Having an advanced vocabulary will help you in writing expressive writing pieces. Online English dictionaries and thesaurus can help you in advancing your vocabulary. Whenever you will get stuck somewhere while writing, you can open a dictionary and search for suitable words. This practice will improve the quality of your writing.

  • Free Writing:

Some days, you will have jumbled thoughts in your mind and will be unable to organize them. In such a case, you should open your journal or notepad and start writing your thoughts on it. Don’t take tension about the outline, organization of paragraphs, and grammar. Write your thoughts, and when you will be done, edit them and give them a structure.

In the beginning, it will be better if you will write on those topics in which you have interest or knowledge. For example, every one of us can write on educational topics as we all have experienced as students. Find those topics on which you can write easily and start writing them.

  • Do read aloud your writing:

Whenever you finish a piece of your writing, do read it aloud. Listening will help you in identifying your mistakes and loopholes. This practice will tell you which sentence is absurd, how fluent your writing is, and where you need improvement.

  • Brush your grammar:

If your grammar skills are not polished, you will never be able to write an impressive piece of writing. Do read different rules of grammar to create grammatical-error-free content. Also, there are different online tools and free courses which can help you with your grammar.

So, these are some of the main tips which you should try to develop your writing skills. Keep practicing, and gradually you will become an expert in English writing.