The best cold storage container manufacturers – our winners

The best cold storage container manufacturers – our winners

Do you need to transport medicine, vaccines or foods that require specific, low-temperature conditions? Are you looking for solutions that will truly ensure the safety of your transports? If the answers are yes, we are here to help you. We have created a ranking of the best cold storage containers’ manufacturers, so let’s see what are the 3 finest companies in the industry.

Choosing the right cold chain packaging company – what to focus on?

Before we will move on to your ranking, let’s discuss what were the main criteria and how you can look for the best cold storage container manufacturer on your own. We mostly focused on particular solutions as well as general performance of the products.

The first aspect that you should look into are the types of containers. There are three main ones to choose from:

  • Active
  • Passive
  • Hybrid

Active ones are characterized by the capability to recharge, while the passive containers can run independently. Hybrid containers, on the other hand, combine the features of these two, and are equipped with all the required technologies to maintain the right conditions without the need for human input.

Apart from the general type, you should also focus on the specifications. How long is the independent runtime (if applicable), how heavy they are, what is their size compared to the capacity – all of these factors are crucial.

The best cold storage container manufacturers – our winners

Knowing what you should focus on and what was the basis for our ranking, let’s move to the list of the best cold chain packaging companies itself.

1. SkyCell

This Swiss cold storage container manufacturer revolutionized the industry by being the first one to introduce hybrid containers. Their solutions are known for long independent runtimes (up to 270h), lightweight and the anti-shock construction which fits ideally into PMC-pallets.

2. Peli BioThermal

Peli BioThermal offers a wide array of containers that will suit both the needs of the medical and food industries. Similarly to SkyCell, it also produces hybrid containers – the best solution currently available.

3. va-Q-tec

This company made it to the third place on our list mostly due to the specifications of its products. While it does offer hybrid containers, their independent runtime is much shorter than this of Peli BioThermal or Skycell. Yet, it still offers high-quality solutions.

The takeaway

There are numerous cold storage container manufacturers that sell effective and safe solutions. Yet, Skycell, Peli BioThermal and va-Q-tec are among the finest ones. If you are looking for a way to transport medicine or vaccines effectively and without any risks, opt for one of them. Be sure to test hybrid containers – they majorly outperform the traditional ones!


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