Michael Burry Tesla

Michael Burry Tesla

In the world of finance and investment, few figures garner as much attention and controversy as Michael Burry. Made famous by his prescient bet against the housing market before the 2008 financial crisis, Burry’s every move is scrutinized by investors and pundits alike. His recent prediction regarding Tesla, the electric vehicle EV giant led by Elon Musk, has once again thrust him into the spotlight.

Impending Bubble

known for his contrarian views and deep dive into data analysis, has been vocal about his skepticism towards Tesla’s valuation and future prospects. In a series of tweets and interviews, he has warned investors of an impending bubble in Tesla’s stock, likening its meteoric rise to the dot-com bubble of the late 1990s.

Meet Demand

His argument against Tesla revolves around several key points. Firstly, Burry questions the sustainability of Tesla’s valuation, which has soared to astronomical levels in recent years. Despite impressive revenue growth, the company continues to operate at a loss and faces significant challenges in scaling production to meet demand. Burry believes that Tesla’s stock price far exceeds its intrinsic value and is due for a correction.

Incentive Programs

Burry highlights Tesla’s dependence on regulatory credits as a cause for concern. The company has generated billions of dollars in revenue by selling environmental credits to other automakers, effectively subsidizing its bottom line. However, as more competitors enter the EV market and governments reconsider their incentive programs, Tesla’s lucrative credit business could come under threat.

Intensified Competition

Burry points to increasing competition in the EV space as a potential headwind for Tesla. While the company has enjoyed a first-mover advantage and established itself as a leader in the industry, traditional automakers and tech giants are investing heavily in electric vehicles. With a wave of new EV models hitting the market, Tesla faces intensified competition for market share and could struggle to maintain its dominance.

Market Dynamics

Despite the validity of Burry’s arguments, his bearish stance on Tesla has sparked intense debate among investors and analysts. While some view him as a visionary with a keen understanding of market dynamics, others dismiss his warnings as unfounded speculation. Elon Musk, in particular, has been quick to criticize Burry, labeling him as “overrated” and accusing him of seeking attention.

New Gigafactories

In response to Burry’s prediction, Tesla supporters point to the company’s track record of innovation and resilience. Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks over the years, Tesla has defied skeptics and emerged as a driving force in the transition to sustainable transportation. With ambitious plans for expansion, including the construction of new gigafactories and the development of autonomous driving technology, many believe that Tesla is well-positioned for long-term success.


The debate surrounding Michael Burry’s Tesla prediction underscores the inherent uncertainty and volatility of the stock market. While Burry’s warnings may serve as a cautionary tale for investors, they should also be taken with a grain of salt. As history has shown, predicting the future of a company as complex and dynamic as Tesla is no easy feat. Only time will tell whether Burry’s bearish forecast proves to be accurate or if Tesla continues to defy expectations and soar to even greater heights.


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