Some Essential Things To Know About Hiring Maid In Singapore

Some Essential Things To Know About Hiring Maid In Singapore

Nowadays, hiring a domestic worker is a necessity for many Singaporeans. The rise in the cost of living has caused many Singaporean families to look for domestic workers.

Before you go straight on hiring a maid for your home, you should consider a few important things. By important things, we mean the costs, requirements and several other factors.

In this blog, we’ll discuss and share some essential information on employing a Maid in Singapore. So, without making you wait further, let’s try to understand the essential points in a simple-to-understand way.

Who Can Hire Maid or FDW in Singapore?

All Singaporeans who have permanent residences and valid work permits are eligible for a domestic maid for their homes. If you’re looking to hire a maid then at least, 21 years of age or older is required of you.

As a homeowner, you shouldn’t have an undischarged bankrupt and bear the mental capacity to take the responsibility for being an employer.

Another important thing which you shouldn’t forget is that you need the approval of the Ministry of Manpower or MOM. The MOM will first assess your financial capacity to make sure you’re capable of hiring a domestic worker.

If you find difficulty in dealing with hiring a maid or MOM, you can refer taking help from a Singapore house maid agency. They have experts that handle many processes on your behalf so you can get to the other important details.

What’s The Cost of Hiring A Domestic Worker in Singapore?

Cost of Hiring

It’s essential to consider the price of the hiring process. There are initial costs like work permit application, housekeeping, medical examination and much more.

Now these costs can rise as an average of S$1,421 (maybe more!). Though all such things may seem quite overwhelming at first but, fortunately, it’s a one-time payment that you have to pay first.

For your information, the average monthly salary of a domestic maid in Singapore is around S$597. But the compensation might vary, depending on the origin country of your helper.

There are other recurring costs such as paid days off, housekeeping costs, food, transportation service, and accident and health insurance.

How Long is The Hiring Process?  

Now, when the entire process gets completed, mostly it takes around 3 to 4 weeks for the maid to arrive in Singapore. The duration can highly depend on the maid’s country of origin.

What Is The Minimum Hourly Requirement For A Maid?

Minimum Hourly Requirement

For maids who work five days a week, the Ministry of Manpower suggests around 44 hours a week or best 9 hours a day. Maids who work more than five days are required to work up to 8 hours of work per day.

Furthermore, the maids are also entitled to have a weekday off to rest mentally and physically. Moreover, they can take vacations for themselves too.

Let’s head over to the hiring and funding process for hiring maids in Singapore. It will help you make some informed decisions.

About The Hiring Procedure of Domestic Maids in Singapore

There are mainly two ways to hire a domestic maid. Either you can get help from a Singapore House maid agency or directly hire on your own. It might sound cheaper to go on your own, but it’s definitely more stressful and tedious.

When you begin the process of hiring, you should publicize and get the word out that you’re searching for a domestic helper. For better references, you can ask your relatives or neighbours if they have any leads or know anyone.

Consequently, you can also go for an online search. You can use help of the HelperFirst platform. The platform shares essential details like nationality, age, work experience and even salary expectations.

Understanding The Singapore Maid Salary: Things To Know

The salary of a Singaporean maid clearly depends on the country of origin from where she belongs. For example, if you hire a maid who originates from the Philippines, you’re expected to pay at least a minimum wage of S$570.

But if you have hired a Myanmar Maid in Singapore, then you’re expected to pay around S$450.

In addition to these countries, Singaporeans are also eligible to hire domestic maids from Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Hong Kong and many more countries.

However, according to the Ministry of Manpower, the maid of FDW must be between 23 to 50 years old. Moreover, domestic workers who are over 50 have only the right to renew their work permit until 60 years old.

There are also some general expenses like airfare, medical examination, and agency fees which you have to cover for your domestic maid in Singapore. In short, you’re expected to around S$1000 to S$3000 for the expenses like airline tickets, insurance as well as registration fees.

If you feel that such options exceed your budget then, you can go for hiring transfer maids. They can be directly employed by employers in Singapore. However, there’s a transfer fee that costs around S$500.

The Bottom Line

Furthermore, the recent pandemic caused an increase in the cost of hiring maids. Therefore, it is best to hire maids with the help of a reputable maid agency. It will help you save additional costs and increase benefits.

We hope this blog clears many of your doubts related to employing a maid or domestic worker in Singapore.

We suggest visiting the Jory Employment PTE website if you’re looking for reliable and trustworthy hiring services for maids in Singapore. They offer services such as hiring a maid work permit, contract renewal, cancellation of a maid work permit and much more.


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