A Beginner’s Guide to Movies Websites

A Beginner’s Guide to Movies Websites

Here are some popular movie websites categorized by their function:

Review Aggregators and Recommendations:

  • Rotten Tomatoes: [Rotten Tomatoes website] – Provides critic and audience scores for movies and TV shows.
  • Metacritic: [Metacritic website] – Aggregates reviews from various critics and assigns a percentage score.
  • Taste.io: [Taste.io website] – Recommends movies based on your ratings of other films.
  • Flickchart: [Flickchart website] – Creates watchlists and recommends movies based on your preferences.

Movie News and Analysis:

  • IndieWire: [IndieWire website] – Focuses on independent and international cinema.
  • The Playlist: [The Playlist website] – Offers insightful commentary on current film trends and upcoming releases.
  • The A.V. Club: [The A.V. Club website] – Provides in-depth reviews, interviews, and analysis of movies and TV shows.
  • Deadline: [Deadline website] – Reports on the latest movie industry news, including casting announcements and box office results.
  • Variety: [Variety website] – Another industry-focused publication covering entertainment news and analysis.

Film Festivals and Awards Season:

  • AwardsCircuit.net: [AwardsCircuit.net website] – Tracks the awards season calendar and offers predictions and analysis.
  • FilmFestivalTracker: [FilmFestivalTracker website] – Provides information on film festivals worldwide, including schedules and ticket sales.

Community and Discussion:

  • Reddit’s r/movies: [reddit.com r movies] – A subreddit dedicated to movie discussion and recommendations.
  • Online Movie Forums (Genre-Specific): Look for forums dedicated to specific genres (e.g., horror, sci-fi) or directors for focused discussions.
  • Movie Review Websites with User Comments (e.g., IMDb): Engage in discussions with other viewers by reading and contributing user reviews.

Additional Features:

  • JustWatch: [JustWatch website] – Helps you find where to stream movies legally across various platforms.
  • Where to Watch: [Where to Watch website] (similar functionality to JustWatch)
  • Movie Trailers and Clips: Many movie websites like YouTube host trailers and clips for upcoming and past releases.

Remember, this is not an exhaustive list, and there are many other fantastic movie websites out there to explore!


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