4 Best Alternatives Electric Scooter Review

4 Best Alternatives Electric Scooter Review

In terms of futuristic design, only a few electric scooters can compete with Segways. Over the years, Segway has expanded and created inventive systems, many of which help users move in interesting and fun ways. It’s more advantageous than ever to purchase a Segway if you’ve always wanted one.

Children are the intended audience for the Segway E12 electric scooter. The Segway electric scooter is perfect for kids and adolescents to use for buzzing about the neighborhood playgrounds, going to school, and even as a substitute for walking because it is portable and foldable.

Adults or kids may fold it in one motion and fit it into a car compartment with ease. The Segway e-scooters have fantastic substitutes that are suitable for both kids and adults.

As kids become older, their preferred technology changes. Consider the Ninebot series of Segways for kids as the ideal companion to the Segway E12 electric scooter. The age range for this scooter is 8 to 14. Users who desire to graduate from simple gadgets are drawn to this item’s polished, expert appearance.

At $259.99, it is a touch more expensive. Older or more seasoned users will appreciate the 11.2 mph top speed of this Segway electric scooter. It’s certain that the adrenaline will start pounding more quickly when your youngster selects the turbo setting and lets go of the gear.

Hiboy Nex

The Hiboy NEX shines in every way, whether it be as a first scooter to boost your child’s self-esteem on the road, a wonderful holiday surprise, or a birthday present. The first thing that sticks out is the color combination. There is something for everyone’s taste, whether your child chooses to go wild with a vibrant pink/blue pair or keep things neutral with black.

If that seems too fast for your youngster, don’t worry—users can easily adjust the scooter’s top speed using dual-riding settings. It is readily foldable and portable. The segway e12 electric scooter speed is easy to pack and transport thanks to this, but it’s hard to overlook the fact that it weighs a substantial 24.5 lb. Given its benefits,

All of the lasting specifications for the Hiboy scooter are matched by the Hiboy NEX. A sturdy aluminum alloy frame with an IPX4 water-resistance certification protects it from light dampness and matches the scooter’s color scheme.


  • It has a stylish LED display and a cruise adjustment.
  • It has a quickly folding shaft
  • Solid rubber used to make tyres is resilient to punctures.
  • There is a dual-speed regulator on it.
  • It offers a respectable peak speed and range for the price.

With the ZING E12 eKickScooter, which is sleek, light, and brilliant, with a fashionable design and three settings for every rider, you’ll be the trendiest kid in town. A Segway Ninebot kick scooter designed for big children is the ZING E12 model. It can be folded and is portable. Kids and teenagers may use it to explore outdoor activities, cruise through the neighborhood playground, get to school or even use it to replace walking.

Performance Overview

The Segway ZING E12 is a fantastic mode of transportation. It’s simple to operate and a blast to ride. How effectively it worked astounded me. Hill climbs and roughness was no problem for the ZING E12. Never once did I feel like I was about to lose control. This Segway is unquestionably an improvement over the previous versions.

Speed And Acceleration

The E12 offers three settings to accommodate any child’s learning pace, making it easy to study on it. Start with the 6.2 mph peak speed of the Safety Mode, then switch to the Cruise Mode.

Throttle Mode, the highest speed setting, is available for more experienced riders and has a peak speed of 11.2 miles per hour. Children may easily change settings by pressing a button.

Hill Climbing

The Segway ZING E12 is a fantastic option for anybody seeking a transporter that can climb hills. It can manage slopes up to 15 degrees and has a peak speed of 12 mph.

This makes it ideal for usage in warehouses and other industrial locations as well as for moving up and down slopes. In addition, the ZING E12 is relatively simple to use, with just an on/off button and a handheld throttle. You can get started traveling right away because learning how to use it just takes around 5 minutes.

Battery And Range

A great substitute for conventional ways of transportation is the Segway E12. It is safe and easy to use because to its low center of gravity. The two-wheeled Segway E12 is an electric scooter that can go both short and long distances. It is safe and easy to use because of its low center of gravity. The scooter’s battery has a 12-kilometer range when fully charged.

The lithium-ion battery, controller, and BMS intelligent battery control system are all integrated into a single module as part of the battery pack’s unique design and manufacturing process, creating a more compact overall structure and smaller body.

With many safety systems, including short circuit protection, two-way charging and discharging protection, over-current protection, and temperature protection, the Smart-BMS carefully monitors lithium-ion batteries.

Silicone Foot Pad

The silicone foot pad of the E12 has excellent anti-skid properties and is simple to clean, guaranteeing a secure and comfortable experience.

Model of the Motor

Anyone searching for a quick and convenient means of transportation may consider the Segway ZING E12 electric scooter. You can get from one point to other fast thanks to the scooter’s strong motor.

This makes it ideal for sidewalks and city streets. The ZING E12 has an LCD screen that displays battery life, speed, and distance. Additionally, it features a built-in Bluetooth speaker so you can ride while listening to your favorite music.

Construction And Build Quality

An excellent electric scooter for commuting is the Segway ZING E12. It is made with a sturdy, high-quality structure. The tyres are strong and puncture-proof, and the frame is composed of durable aluminum.

The ZING E12 is ideal for bigger riders because it can support up to 220 pounds. It can travel up to 12 miles on a single charge and has a peak speed of 12 mph. The ZING E12 has an integrated headlight as well, making it ideal for nighttime riding.

Suspension And Comfort

With its 40mm front-shock absorption, the ZING E12 provides a comfortable riding experience by effectively absorbing the shock from bumpy journeys across the sand, grass, dirt roads, and more. You may just travel on solid rubber tyres with high elastic modulus.

Ride Quality

A high-quality product that offers a pleasurable riding experience is the Segway ZING E12. It is simple to use, and the ride is of good quality. For anybody looking for a fun, dependable mode of transportation, the Segway ZING E12 is ideal.


The scooter is also equipped with a number of powerful LED lights that make it noticeable at night. This is a fantastic safety feature, especially for nighttime driving. The Segway ZING E12 is very reasonably priced.

It contains an LCD monitor that shows the speed, remaining battery life, and other helpful data like the number of trips done and the amount of time since the previous charge.


For ultimate safety, the Ninebot eKickScooter ZING E12 incorporates a rear fender brake, an energy-recovery Electronic Braking System (EBS), and a high-performance handbrake system. where safety and enjoyment coexist.

  • Brake Handle
  • brake regeneration system
  • Back Fender Brake


With a body that is just 1.3 inches thick and a weight of only 18.7 lbs, the E12 was designed with mobility in mind and is simple to transport and fold, especially for kids. You can go on countless excursions with it, and it is portable.


The brand-new, high-elastic rubber tire doesn’t need to be inflated and is wear-resistant. To enhance traction and anti-skid qualities, the tread of the tires has also been modified.


The Segway Zing E12 is a deck that makes transportation simple and enjoyable. It has an aluminum frame that is lightweight and strong enough to support up to 220 pounds. Additionally, the Zing E12 includes an integrated Bluetooth speaker so you can ride while listening to your favorite music. Simply step on and off to operate it. The ideal mode of transportation for town travel is the Segway Zing E12.





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