4 Factors to Consider When Searching for the Best English Tutor Centre

Best English Tutor Centre

Parents searching for a tuition centre or tuition agency in Singapore have become more of the norm than an optional necessity. With the increase of students wanting needed help beyond classroom lessons, especially in the subject of English, tuition centres are offering their tutoring services with the claim that they can deliver the best results. With more than 800 MOE-registered tuition agencies in Singapore, there are many options at hand when searching for the best English tutor centre that best fits the needs of any child. To help parents make the right choice, here are four critical factors to consider when looking for an English tutor for their children.


Credibility is important for any registered tuition agency if they want to be chosen by parents for tutoring services. After all, no parent wants to hire a tutor for their child and find out that the tutor is not qualified. Understandably, parents are getting good at researching and searching online for tuition agencies with good credentials. This includes looking at the tuition centre’s tutoring experience and how they cater to students’ different academic learning needs. This means that a tuition agency’s credibility and reliability depend on its tutors’ teaching and effectiveness in connecting with their students. Parents can also check out the tutors’ backgrounds such as educational attainment, teaching experience, and other certifications.

Quality of tutoring

Credibility also rests on the quality of the tutors’ teaching and adjustment with their students. The best way parents can determine the quality of tutoring a tuition agency provides is to look at the improvements and achievements of previous students. Whatever results parents see will make them ascertain if the tuition agency is effective in helping students. Testimonials are also valuable indicators of the performance of tutors. These testimonials give parents a rough idea of what the experience of other students may be like for their children.

The tutor’s teaching ability

If given the chance, parents can ask the tutor about children’s four main learning styles: visual, reading and writing, kinaesthetic, and auditory. If the tutor understands these, he/she will be able to adjust or adapt to the child’s learning style, and often a child’s learning difficulty is also connected to one of the child’s learning styles. So, if a child is a kinaesthetic learner, the tutor can use more hands-on activities to deal with a learning difficulty. Most often, the child’s learning style and strength are not addressed at the classroom level.

Budget considerations

Getting a private tutor is not cheap. But with many students and parents in Singapore, it has become a necessity especially if the students are struggling academically. Parents, therefore, need to find a tuition agency whose costs are well within their budget while proving to be helpful for their children. Thus, it is important to have a serious talk directly with the tuition centre and enquire about its rates. Parents should also ask if there are any extra or hidden fees. There shouldn’t be any, so if parents discover these hidden extras, they need to look somewhere else.

Additionally, for travel costs and considerations, another advantage of hiring a private home English tutor is that all teaching sessions are held in the comfort and convenience of your home. The student doesn’t have to spend on any transportation costs because it is the tutor who travels to your home.


Choosing the best English tutor centre or tuition agency is vital to ensure that the children receive only the best academic assistance they really need. As there are literally hundreds of tuition agencies in Singapore, it is easy to fall for false marketing, or worse, too high rates. By considering the factors presented above, parents can weigh all their options better and select the best tuition centre for their child’s specific English tutoring needs. For the most reliable and experienced tutors in Singapore, get in touch today with FamilyTutor. We are the tuition agency that parents can truly trust. We offer a wide range of top-quality, qualified, and well-experienced English tutors for any student’s specific learning needs. Aside from English, FamilyTutor also offers private tutoring services for mathematics, science, Chinese, and other subjects. Our tutors can deliver excellent teaching sessions to different kinds of students with different learning styles and difficulties. Contact us today to learn more.