4 Simple Ways to Prevent Plumbing Leaks

Every appliance in our homes degrades with time. The best is to check them for repairs and replacements regularly. Home plumbing is one such element that sometimes hinders peace of mind if you fail to call the Calgary emergency plumbing. When things start corroding, leaks are frequently observed, causing water damage that also may affect the integrity of your home. To maintain a peaceful environment inside your home, you can get help from Calgary-based drain cleaning services. The companies repairing water heaters in Calgaryalways advise having the emergency phone number of the best plumbers in your locality to help you find a solution.

However, if you follow a few simple preventive measures, you can efficiently prevent plumbing leaks. Let’s check out the actions. 

Keep a Medium Water Pressure

The top Calgary drain cleaning services often recommend people to keep the water pressure medium; neither high nor too low. At times, even 40 psi of pressure trickles faucets and pitiful showers, and using high water pressure can make the scenario even worse. The joints, valves, and fixtures are precious in a water pipeline. So don’t let the water pressure go beyond 85 psi which may affect the whole pipeline badly. On the other hand, if you maintain too low hydrostatic pressure, the water may not come out of the taps.

You can call a plumber for regular monthly checks and determine the force of the water. The plumbers have a hose bib that helps them measure the pressure. You can even ask them to install a regulator to handle the thrust better.

Water Pipe Insulation

In countries like Canada, the fall and winter seasons last a long time. The chilly environment not only affects the livelihood but hampers the pipelines too.

The pipes carrying water freeze inside the lines. This phenomenon often causes the pipes to burst, resulting in plumbing leaks. According to Calgary water heater repair services, pipes in households go through attics, garages, basements, and/or crawl spaces. The best way to save the pipes from freezing is by insulating them. You can use foam, rubber, or even fiberglass sleeves to resist the frost.

Update Plumbing Supply Lines

You must have observed that a plumbing leak often develops between the wall and the attached plumbing fixtures. Only regular checks can help you prevent this problem. In an emergency, the Calgary-based plumbing services ask to check the supply lines behind the sinks, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, and freezers. However, updating the pipes at regular intervals can prevent the issue. For instance, if you are using rubber hoses, you can consider upgrading them to steel which has braids on them. As you go for updates, the durability of the pipeline increases, providing you the peace of mind. The steel hoses neither rot nor crack over time and keep you and your house safe.

Get Routine Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing is not everyone’s cup of tea. But to prevent leaks, you should inspect them and maintain fixtures regularly. While maintenance, tighten the entire exposed pipe and supply line connections. Check the signs of water damage under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Ensure the toilet is securely mounted and doesn’t rock back or forth. At times, mold growth too amplifies plumbing leaks. So don’t forget to inspect the tub and shower tiles behind the walls. Inspect and flush the water heater if there is any sediment buildup. Call the Calgary water heater repair for help if required. Lastly, if you are going out of town, make sure you turn off the water at the main shut-off valve.


Plumbing leaks do not affect us until they are leaking and you should have the phone number of the emergency plumbing in Calgary before things get out of control. However, most people don’t always thing of the maintenance beforehand to prevent such problems. So to be on the safe side, you too should go for regular inspections and take the help of Calgary-based drainage and plumbing services.