An Outlook on Common Boiler Efficacy Pitfalls

Boilers fitted in commercial buildings are prone to severe wear and tear due to excessive use. Over time, their components begin to deteriorate and seek thorough repair or replacement. It is ideal to visit a common boiler Installation Company in Calgary for boiler repair or backwater valve installation service. But first, you must be sure of its root cause. The first sign of a faulty boiler is its compromised efficacy. Boiler efficacy is affected by many things such as size, age, and even the controls it uses. A trusted drain cleaning company in Calgary can aid you with boiler efficacy by enabling you to track the following pitfalls.

1. Oversized Boiler

An oversized boiler is less efficient and costly, unlike a perfectly sized boiler. They consume a massive amount of fuel and render shorter service life. A perfectly-sized boiler will save fuel and cycle aptly, thereby improving overall boiler efficacy. Replacing an oversized boiler with a smaller counterpart can be a viable way to improve boiler efficacy. Do not attempt to install the new boiler yourself. Instead, leverage the services of the Game Empress company in Calgary to avert any installation pitfall.

2. Unclean Boiler

As with any equipment or machine, your boiler seeks periodic cleaning to operate seamlessly and efficiently. An unclean combustion chamber hinders the ability of the heat exchanger to transfer heat, and blowers and fans can have grime build-up. A dependable boiler company can efficiently manage commercial boilers to improve boiler efficacy and avert minor issues from becoming significant ones.  Remember that boiler cleaning is the work of an expert. So, feel free to call upon the services of the best boiler Installation Company in Calgary instead of relying on a DIY approach.

3. Aging Boiler

The typical boiler offers a service life of 20-30 years. After this duration, you will need to conduct an in-depth visual check of the boiler to ascertain whether or not boiler efficacy is compromised by its age. Things such as a leak, rusting, and old burner can drastically reduce the boiler efficiency and should help you determine if the boiler seeks replacement or thorough repair. If aging is not a problem with your boiler and it appears to you in perfect shape, the problem might be with the backwater valve installation. Reach out to a trusted boiler installation company in Calgary to fix this issue.

4. Use of Standard control

Standard controls feature a continual output of airflow irrespective of boiler load, which lead to higher energy cost. This is where variable frequency drives come into the picture. A variable frequency drive allows automatic control of the commercial boiler. It enables the boiler’s fan to function at low speed when required. It saves boilers from performing excessive work when it’s not required therefore wearing it out faster than needed.

5. Poor insulation

When your boiler insulation is compromised, heat can escape from it and significantly reduce the boiler efficacy. With the proper amount of insulation, heat loss can be overcome and heating costs can be dramatically reduced. If the insulation is aging, you may have to replace it as soon as possible to avert energy losses.


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