Bathtub Parts You Should Have On Hand Just In Case

Bathtub Parts You Should Have On Hand Just In Case

A bathtub has been around for over a century and gives us soothing during bath time. In some places, it is considered a luxury, but now it is considered a necessity because it is very useful for everybody. We can easily bathe babies; little tots have the best playtime all day. Even pets take pleasure of enjoying waddling and paddling in the tub.

Some types of bathtub to choose from:

  1. Air Bathtub
  2. Deep Soak
  3. Whirlpools
  4. Alcove Tubs
  5. Everclean
  6. Freestanding Tubs
  7. Walk-in Tubs
  8. ADA Compliant (special order)

The bathtub will give you comfort and relaxation while getting clean and just enjoying your time, just soaking and sipping your favorite drink or even just reading your favorite novel. It is your personal private getaway at your own doorstep.

Basic parts that you should always have on hand for your bathtub just in case you need to do a quick replacement:

1. Drain and drain kit

The falling hair or loss of hair will clog the drain, requiring a backup drain to make the bathtub deplete work perfectly again. So it is excellent to have a drain kit on hand so you do not have to run to the store just to get one.

2. Nuts, bolts, and screws

These little parts usually wear out fast because they tend to rust from heated or hot water and soap scum. They are intended to keep parts in place and keep them safe, but if they tend to loosen and lose their grip then the water will leak, and your bathtub will not be fun anymore. That is why you should have them handy; always get extra of these little parts because they have a big role in your bathtub.

3. Washers and O-rings

The washers and O-rings tighten the faucet assembly and prevent it from leaking. If it deteriorates and stretches, you need a replacement to prevent water from constantly leaking and dripping. It is going to be a waste. Make sure you will get different sizes just to be sure, and it is best to have them around the house for quick repair and fixing.

4. Handles

Bathtub handles do not crack easily and are made to last for years and years. But it will still break and loosen as it ages. Replacing it with a new one will give your bathtub a new look and feel. Handles are inexpensive and easy to install, so you do not have to worry about constantly changing them to your style and wants.

5. Valves

Sometimes valves are not placed correctly, and it has been working overtime. It tends to start acting up. It is perfect to have a spare to do it yourself before your plumber comes and does more tinkering and fixing. Because sometimes, the rubber washer or gasket from your valve wears out, but if it needs an entire valve replacement, it is best for the plumber to do it right for you.

Main parts of a bathtub:

  • Water Supply
  • Shower / Faucet
  • Tub
  • Turning off Valve
  • Diverter Pipe
  • Drain

Is it necessary to have an extra supply of the main and basic parts? A big Yes! Well, it is very ideal to have a ready spare on hand. This will save you a quick run to the hardware store or while waiting for your plumber to fix it all. It is like doing first aid in your bathtub while the rescue is approaching. It is fitting to be ready at all times.

Having essential bathtub parts on hand, such as drain covers, gaskets, and faucet handles, you can save yourself the hassle of waiting for a professional plumber to fix minor problems. Keeping these parts available will ensure that you can quickly and easily address any issues that may occur, ultimately saving you time, money, and stress in the long run.