Best Conversational Topics to Learn the English Language

Conversational Topics

The best way to learn and teach a foreign language is to use that language.”

We all know that learning to speak a new language without speaking out loud with someone is a complete waste. You can never be sure about that language until or unless you start using it in proper conversations.

Conversation is a basic key to connecting with people, building relationships, and learning especially any language. The English language requires the same factor. It is necessary to use English in your conversation if you want to learn the English language more accurately.

How Conversations can be Beneficial in Learning the English Language:

Hearing is one of the best sources of learning anything, including language. A combination of speaking and hearing can enhance your power of learning pretty quickly. It proves that talking helps one to learn more.

Pronunciation: Conversation helps you hear the right pronunciation of different words. You can practice pronouncing new words with a fun twist like action words that start with Z. Learning the right pronunciation will automatically boost your English learning process.

A Booster for Confidence: Learning a new language is an instant booster for confidence. When you keep practicing you somehow start becoming perfect. Conversations are the best practice you can do to increase your learning. As we all know, English is considered to be a global language. Imagine how big a change you can feel in your confidence by learning and having a conversation in a global language.

So what can be the general topics to have a conversation about in English that can help you increase your learning speed?

No worries, we are here with a list of some interesting yet simple topics that can help you increase your knowledge.

Topics for Conversation:

1- Food:

Food is a pretty general and interesting topic. You can ask multiple things about it like:

  • What do you eat for breakfast?
  • What are your preferred meals for lunch and dinner?
  • What is your favorite dish?
  • What is your favorite vegetable?
  • What food item makes you sick?
  • What is your favorite restaurant?

2- Hobbies:

Everyone has a different hobby and having conversations about hobbies can help you learn new words and their pronunciations. It can be great for leveling up your English language learning process. You can ask the following questions:

  • What do you like to do in your free time?
  • What is your favorite activity?
  • Do you have any interest in sports?
  • What kind of sport do you like to watch?
  • What kind of movies do you like to watch?
  • What type of music are you into?
  • Do you like reading?
  • What genre do you prefer in reading?

3- Academics:

Academics are a very healthy and beneficial topic. It helps you improve your mental power and keep you posted with the academic news. You can also try some grammar exercises together to learn more.

You can have a conversation about these things in English to enhance your learning,

  • What is your favorite subject?
  • What is your aim in life?
  • What do you find interesting in Maths?
  • What do you think about English as a subject?
  • Do you like this system of examination and grading?
  • Do you not think that every student has a different way of learning?
  • Was your school good enough to teach you something different?

4- Relationships:

We all have a lot of different relationships in our lives. Some of us even love talking about our relationships with others. If you are one of those people then relationships can be an interesting topic for you to have a conversation about in the English language.

Following are some questions, you can take an idea from,

  • Who are you close to in your family?
  • Who is your best friend?
  • Do you love connecting with new people?
  • Are you an extrovert or an introvert?
  • How do you like to start a conversation with a stranger?
  • Have you ever been on a date?
  • How many relationships have you been into?
  • Are you in a relationship these days?
  • What do you think about having relationships these days?
  • Are you comfortable with online dating?

There can be many other topics for conversation to learn the English Language. You can have a conversation about these topics with a friend, colleague, teacher, or your siblings.

Start having a conversation in English every day and be the champ of the English Language.