Cabo Carnage Tales of a Car Crash in Mexico

In March of 2016, a group of friends from the United States traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for a vacation. The trip was meant to be a fun and relaxing getaway, but it quickly turned into a nightmare when the group was involved in a horrific car crash. The crash left several people injured, and one person dead. It also resulted in a criminal investigation, as authorities tried to piece together what had happened. This is the story of that car crash, told by those who were there. It’s a story of tragedy, but also of hope and resilience.

The events leading up to the car crash

The events leading up to the car crash were, in a word, chaotic. Our group of friends had been on vacation in Cabo San Lucas for a week, and we were all eager to make the most of our last few days in Mexico. We started drinking early in the day, and by the time evening rolled around, we were all quite drunk. A friend suggested we go for a drive to see the sights of Cabo one last time before we left, and we all piled into his car. None of us were really paying attention to where we were going, and before long, we found ourselves on a winding, dark road that none of us recognized. We continued driving for a while, until we came to a sharp turn. The driver lost control of the car, and we careened off the road and into a ditch. The car overturned, and everyone inside was injured.

The car crash itself

The car crash itself was a horrific and life-changing event for everyone involved. The impact of the collision was so great that it caused the car to spin around and come to a stop in the middle of the road. The driver and passengers were all ejected from the vehicle, and the driver was killed instantly. The other passengers were all seriously injured, and two of them later died from their injuries.

The aftermath of the car crash

The aftermath of the car crash was devastating. The injured parties were rushed to the hospital, where they were treated for their injuries. The families of the injured parties were notified of the accident and rushed to the hospital to be with their loved ones. The investigation into the accident is ongoing, and it is unclear at this time what caused the accident.

The injured parties and their families

The injured parties and their families have been through a lot in the wake of the car crash. Some have had to deal with serious injuries, while others have had to grapple with the death of a loved one. But through it all, they have remained strong and united. The families of the victims have banded together to support each other during this difficult time. They have set up a GoFundMe page to help with medical and funeral expenses, and they are also working on setting up a scholarship fund in memory of those who lost their lives in the accident. The community has also rallied around the families of the victims. Local businesses have donated food and supplies, and residents have been helping out however they can. It’s clear that the families of the victims are not alone in this tragedy.

The investigation into the car crash

The investigation into the car crash is ongoing. However, there are some key pieces of evidence that have been uncovered thus far. The first is the black box data recorder from the car. This data shows that the car was travelling at a high rate of speed when it hit the tree. It also shows that the driver did not brake or swerve in an attempt to avoid the collision.

The second is eyewitness testimony from people who were in the area at the time of the crash. These witnesses all say that the car was speeding and that it did not appear to slow down or swerve before hitting the tree. Based on this evidence, it appears that the driver was speeding and did not take any evasive action to avoid the collision. The investigation is still ongoing, but these pieces of evidence will likely play a significant role in determining what caused the crash.


In conclusion, the car crash in Cabo was a tragedy that could have been avoided. The events leading up to the crash were preventable, and the crash itself was preventable. The aftermath of the crash has been devastating for the injured parties and their families. The investigation into the crash is ongoing, and it is hoped that lessons will be learned from this tragedy.