How to Match the Bottom of Gray Striped Long Coat?

For details on how to wear the bottom of the gray striped long coat Pretty Little Thing Discount Code NHS, see below.


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  1. On the main page of the dressing game, click on the character in the gray striped long coat to change the outfit;
  2. On the dress-up page, click on the pants tab, various styles;
  3. Find the red striped wide-leg pants, click to try them on, and click to save and wear them according to the suit;

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How to Cleverly Fold a Long Coat

Today I will teach you how to fold a long winter coat. It can be done easily in a few simple steps. Come and learn!

  1. First turn the coat to the back, fold the sleeves on top of the coat
  2. Then fold up from the bottom and open the corner of the coat
  3. Then tuck the collar of the coat in, and finally put the corner of the coat down.

How to Fold a Long Coat

There are always a few long coats in our wardrobe that we want to wear in winter, and we always don’t know how to store them. Today, we will look at two more practical methods of folding long coats. I hope they can help you

  1. First, we lay the coat face down on the bed, then fold the clothes on both sides to the center line, and fold the sleeves on top at the same time
  2. Then fold up the lower 1/3 that is not covered by the sleeves, then open the folded hem, fold down the upper 1/3 of the collar, stuff it into the opened hem, and then put the hem back in place. A coat is folded
  3. We lay the coat on the bed with the front facing up first, then fold the sides of the coat towards the center line without moving the sleeves
  4. Then put the hanger on the lower 1/3 of the clothes, then fold the clothes below into the hanger, then lift the hanger and fold it up, tuck the two ends of the hanger into the shoulders, so that the coat is folded, and It can also be hung without taking up space

How to match knee Length Coat

Knee-length coats are a severe test of height and figure. This style of coat is suitable for tall girls, so how do knee-length coats look good? Here are a few collocations of over-the-knee long coats, I hope it will be helpful to you. 

Khaki Over-the-knee Coat + Black Dress + Black High-Heeled Boots

When we wear knee-length coats, we are most taboo to wear long-winded and complicated ones. A khaki knee-length coat is worn with a knee-length dress and a pair of black high platform nude boots. It is simple and not monotonous. It can also increase the altitude.

Dark gray over-the-knee long coat + red and black striped bottoming shirt + black leggings + black and white color matching sneakers

Coats and sneakers are very popular now. Although they are two different styles of items, they are not inconsistent when paired together Pretty Little Thing Discount Code NHS.

Wear a dark gray over-the-knee long coat with a red and black striped bottoming shirt and black leggings. A pair of black and white color-blocking sneakers is full of fashion.

Navy blue vertical striped over-the-knee long coat + black hooded sweater + black casual pants + white coconut shoes

Clothes with vertical stripes will make you look thinner visually. Wear a black hooded sweater inside a navy blue vertical striped over-the-knee long coat, and wear black slacks and white coconut shoes on your lower body.

Dark clothes and light-colored shoes are size four There is no sense of incongruity, on the contrary, it is more fashionable Pretty Little Thing Discount Code NHS.

Off-white over-the-knee long coat + black sweater skirt + black bottoming socks + black fur slippers

This off-white over-the-knee long coat is a nightgown style, with a black sweater skirt inside, a pair of black bottoming socks on the lower body, and a pair of black fur slippers that are very popular nowadays. fashion sense.

Black over-the-knee long coat + brown shirt + beige cropped wide-leg pants + black boots

It can be worn every year, especially the more classic style.  A black over-the-knee long coat is matched with a brown shirt, and the lower body is matched with beige cropped wide-leg pants and black boots. The overall match The colors are all very high-end, and the collocation is also very layered.

Christmas red over-the-knee long coat + white turtleneck bottoming shirt + black over-the-knee boots

Coats and over-the-knee boots are also a perfect match. The two items complement each other perfectly.

The Christmas red over-the-knee long coat is worn with a white high-necked bottoming shirt and a pair of black over-the-knee boots. No matter the combination of single items or the color The embellishment is very fashionable Debenhams Discount Code NHS

How to put a long coat in a short cabinet

The coup I want to teach you today is how to put a long coat into a low cabinet.

  1. First we unfold the long coat flat.
  2. Then fold in from the bottom side diagonally, as shown in the picture.
  3. Fold the other side in the same way.
  4. Next, place the clothes stay on the lower half, as shown in the picture
  5. Fold the bottom half of the garment up and tuck it inside the garment.
  6. The next step is crucial, to extend the clothes stay from the collar to the sleeves.
  7. Then lift the clothes support and hang it up, and the long coat can be easily put into the low cabinet. 90s fashion


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