Quit smoking and receive treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

For most guys under the age of 35, Erectile Dysfunction is just not something they worry about. If inexperience is bliss, then youth must be right up there with it. A person’s attention may be diverted from the game at hand to the ads airing at halftime because of an erectile dysfunction (ED) caused by smoking.

If you have erectile dysfunction (ED), a simple Google search can provide millions of results advertising solutions ranging from natural to pharmaceutical to modifying certain lifestyle factors.

Most of us take our sexual performance for granted while we are growing up, and it is only when we feel like it is in jeopardy that we start to reconsider some of the less than ideal habits we may have developed. Among them, smoking is by far the most prominent factor to ED.

The good news is that if you Quit Smoking, your sex life will return to normal. You probably have an idea of what it is:

Getting off of cigarettes

It’s easier to say than to really accomplish. It’s feasible, however, if you have the necessary support, inspiration, and awareness of how it affects your health.

The Sexual Dangers of Smoking

Smoking has apparent negative effects on your respiratory and cardiovascular systems, but it also has less visible negative effects on your sexual health. The simple explanation has to do with the direct effects of nicotine on our circulatory systems.

Male erections, as you may recall from your biology classes, need blood to flow through the penis’s capillaries and tissue. Signals are delivered when arousal is activated, causing the corpora cavernous to relax and fill with blood until climax.

Unfortunately, nicotine’s ability to reduce blood flow has been shown repeatedly. It is thought that it may also directly harm the lining of the blood vessels inside the penis, in addition to reducing the size of veins and arteries. Since nitric acid relaxes and traps blood in the penis, it follows that smoking may cause erectile dysfunction by decreasing nitric oxide in the circulation.

Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms and the Sexual Benefits of Quitting Smoking

OK, enough gloom; let’s assume you’ve taken the responsible decision to stop smoking; how quickly can you expect to see improvement in the ED it caused?

Yet, for habitual smokers, giving up the habit is one of the most efficient and all-natural ways to combat ED. In addition, it helps reduce hypertension. Plus, all you need is a trip to the doctor and somewhere to throw away your stale smokes.

For many guys, replacing their smoking habit with something healthy is an added bonus that may have a good impact in the bedroom.

demonstrated to improve after smoking cessation:

  • Elevate the level of excitement
  • Lift libido
  • Intensify and accelerate erections.
  • Improve your sexual performance and your level of happiness in bed.
  • Influence of Nicotine on Impotence
  • As you embark on your quest to kick the habit, bear in mind that substituting another substance for nicotine or altering your consumption habits isn’t a workable solution.

Even while vape pens, cigars, and nicotine patches may be seen as “safer” alternatives to smoking, they all still deliver the chemical to your body. Nicotine itself is the culprit in smoking-related ED, so keep that in mind.

Your ED is likely to persist so long as this remains in your body

As a result, you may be wondering how to successfully kick your nicotine habit. More often than not, the strategies of highly successful men include all of the following elements:

  • Motivating factors; a “why”
  • Methods for a Steady Decline
  • The presence of a solid network of support
  • capacity to unwind in novel ways
  • Elimination of Coercive Influence
  • Changes to one’s exercise regimen
  • attitude of optimism and refusal to be too critical of oneself

Tobacco use in any form is harmful to your blood vessels; this includes cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco.

It slows blood circulation all throughout your body. For those who remember their eighth grade biology lessons, you’ll know that a steady flow of blood through the penis’ arteries is crucial for getting and keeping an erection. These arteries dilate and fill with blood as you become alert. On the other hand, a weak or nonexistent erection is the result of insufficient blood flow.


Tobacco Use and Erectile Dysfunction: A Scientific Connection

Researchers in 2004 followed ex-smokers and current smokers who had been diagnosed with ED for a full year. According to the findings, one quarter of the men in the second group saw significant reductions in erectile dysfunction.

People who continued to smoke performed much worse than those who had stopped; most saw no change, and in some cases, their ED worsened. When compared with nonsmokers of the same age, habitual smokers have a far greater risk of ED.

In fact, males as young as 20 have been diagnosed with ED because to smoking. It doesn’t matter how old you are; even young people might experience negative effects from smoking regularly.

Treating erectile dysfunction due to smoking requires first addressing the underlying cause of the problem.

However, those smokers who are also dealing with erectile dysfunction might take heart in the fact that there is hope. Obviously, the best option is for smokers to give up the habit altogether, which is easier said than done.

The vast majority of studies have indicated that men’s sexual performance quickly improves once they stop smoking.

Given that nicotine is the chemical at fault, a skin patch won’t help. A research from 2008 even linked nicotine gum use to impotence.

If giving up smoking seems impossible, know that you don’t have to do it cold turkey. In most cases, erectile dysfunction improves gradually after the smoker stops using nicotine.

Here are some tried-and-true tips that may help you kick the habit altogether or cut down significantly:

  • Contemplating an exhaustive list of why it’s time to give up
  • Examining the reasons why your previous efforts have failed
  • Mindful awareness of habits that set off your anxiety, such as drinking alcohol or consuming caffeine, may help.
  • Distracting yourself with new habits or pursuits might help you avoid giving in to urges.
  • Recognizing that failures and lapses are inevitable and choosing to keep going despite them
  • Men should also be aware that stopping the habit isn’t a magic bullet. Possible contributors to your ED include other harmful behaviors.