The Invention of Lying – A Review of the Movie on Soap2Day

The Invention of Lying is a 2009 romantic comedy directed and co-written by Ricky Gervais and Matthew Robinson. This movie follows the story of a man in an alternate reality, where everyone tells the truth and lying is impossible. With his newfound ability to lie, he sets out to achieve his dreams and make a better life for himself. In this review, we will explore the impact of the movie on Soap2Day, and why it is worth watching.

Overview of The Invention of Lying

The Invention of Lying is a 2009 comedy drama starring Ricky Gervais as a man living in an alternate reality where telling lies is impossible. In this world, people can only tell the truth no matter how uncomfortable it is. The movie follows Gervais’ character as he discovers the power of lying and uses it to his advantage. Through his lies, he is able to make his dreams come true and eventually finds love with a beautiful woman played by Jennifer Garner.

Critical Reception of the Movie

The Invention of Lying was well-received by critics. It holds an overall rating of 63% on Rotten Tomatoes. Many critics praised the original concept and the performances of Gervais and Garner. Variety called it “an often funny, cleverly plotted comedy-drama” and The Guardian called it “a witty, satisfyingly complex and enjoyable film.”

Availability of The Invention of Lying on Soap2Day

The Invention of Lying is available to watch on Soap2Day. The streaming service offers the movie in HD quality and with English subtitles. The movie is available for free, though viewers must create an account to watch.

Why The Invention of Lying is Worth Watching

The Invention of Lying is a thought-provoking movie that captures the power of lying and the consequences of it. It is a well-written and hilarious comedy that explores the power of imagination and the importance of telling the truth. Gervais and Garner give excellent performances and the movie’s unique premise makes it worth watching. Additionally, the movie’s availability on Soap2Day makes it even more convenient to watch.