Understanding the Drama Surrounding Aestheticallyhannah

Aestheticallyhannah, also known as Hannah Meloche, is a popular YouTuber who has recently been caught in the middle of some drama. With her large following and influence, it is important to understand the events that have unfolded and the implications of the drama. This article will provide a comprehensive look into what has happened, as well as the reactions of those involved.

Overview of Aestheticallyhannah and Her YouTube Career

Aestheticallyhannah is an 18-year-old YouTuber who has been active on the platform since 2018. She has over 3 million subscribers and is most known for her lifestyle and beauty content. She is also a model, influencer, and entrepreneur, having collaborated with brands such as Apple and ASOS.

Hannah has used her platform to promote body positivity and self-care. She has spoken openly about her struggles with depression and anxiety, and has been an advocate for mental health awareness. Her videos also focus on topics such as relationships and advice for her young viewers.

The Events that Lead to the Drama

The drama surrounding Aestheticallyhannah began when another YouTuber named James Charles made a comment about her in a livestream. Charles said that Meloche was “not the best role model” for her young followers. This sparked a back-and-forth between the two YouTubers, which resulted in Charles eventually apologizing for his comments.

The drama then escalated when Meloche’s ex-boyfriend, who is also a YouTuber, made a video accusing her of cheating. This video was met with a lot of backlash from Meloche’s fans and other influencers in the YouTube community.

Reactions from Fans and Others

The reactions to the drama have been mixed. Some of Meloche’s fans feel that she was wronged and are defending her on social media. On the other hand, some people have criticized her for not handling the situation better.

Other YouTubers have also weighed in, with some supporting Meloche and others taking a more neutral stance. There has been a lot of discussion about the effects of drama on the YouTube community and how it can influence young viewers.

The Impact of the Drama

The drama surrounding Aestheticallyhannah has had both positive and negative impacts. On the positive side, it has sparked conversations about mental health and how to handle drama in the YouTube community. On the negative side, it has caused many people to stop following Meloche and has led to a decrease in her viewership.

It is also important to consider the effect this drama has had on Meloche’s mental health. While she has been open about her struggles in the past, this situation has likely been difficult for her to manage.


In conclusion, the drama surrounding Aestheticallyhannah is a good reminder of the power of words and the importance of having healthy conversations. It is also an important reminder of the potential impact that drama can have on an individual’s mental health. While it is important to understand the implications of these events, it is also important to remember to be kind and supportive to those who are caught in the middle of drama.