What is YouTube and its importance on the basis of individual?


YouTube is a site through which people can watch, share and upload videos to entertain themselves or others. Moreover, YouTube is the world’s largest visited platform after Google. This platform also helps a businessman generate revenue through their product advertisement. 

Apart from this, students also benefit from their studies and can run their own channels and generate revenue. YouTube also benefits teachers and in the developments of skills of the person.


A student can learn various skills from this site or solve different topics related to their study because there are plethoras of channels that can teach the students on YouTube without charging a single penny from them. The other main benefit of YouTube is that on this platform, a person learns theoretically and concepts via 3D view, which boosts their academics.

Moreover, the best part of learning from YouTube is that a learner can pause, rewind and repeat the session more than once. A scholar can also make their channel on this platform and upload their content like gaming, travel, daily live blogs, comedy, and many more, which helps them to become famous and shape their future.


YouTube helps a business person to promote their product with the help of an advertisement. This is because; YouTube has an extensive viewership, and its ads can help the promotional videos to reach the viewers so that they can see their products and ask questions about the brand. 

Furthermore, some companies also have their own YouTube channel on which they upload virtual videos of their commodity and influence their consumers with their marketing strategies. In addition, some companies also run various schemes to attract consumers. For example, they also allow consumers to interact directly with YouTube’s comment facility.     


Teachers can also watch and upload videos on this platform to enhance their knowledge and skills or use this site to teach the students. Moving further, a tutor can teach effective ways of learning to their students, which is not possible in traditional ways of teaching. 

In addition to this, virtual teaching does not need any classroom and benches, which provides an outstanding opportunity for students to watch videos anywhere. Lastly, visual effects in the videos do not make the environment monotonous, and the children can enjoy learning the concepts. Moreover, students also like to learn concepts via mobile phone or laptops rather than going to schools.

Financial benefits

YouTube is a good source of earning money and if you look to buy YouTube subscribers for your channel, you can make your channel successful in short time. An individual can earn money through his specific content and views. Furthermore, a person only needs to do innovative work to gain public interest rather than hard work. Apart from this, getting ads on videos is the best way to generate more revenue. Some channels also charge the viewers for swapping their content. Moreover, YouTube also offers business opportunities to content creators to sell their items and get in touch with the demands of the viewers.

Moving further, creating sponsored content also helps a person to get money directly from the brands, and they do not have to give the cut-off to YouTube. Furthermore, some people also do live streams of gaming on YouTube and entertain their viewers, due to which they can directly receive money from the audience.

Sharing of ideas 

The most significant benefit of YouTube is the sharing of ideas. This is because some people do not have the confidence to perform on stage but can easily perform in front of a camera. So that’s why they can share their ideas or follow their passion by simply posting their videos on YouTube.

It also brings fame to them, and the good response from viewers also makes them confident. For example, dancing, singing, poetry, etc. Moving further, people also make cultural videos to spread awareness among youth and influence their standard of living, which helps them to get connected to their roots and also learns the importance of their culture.

Skill development

YouTube is the platform that helps an individual learn plenty of skills and confront the difficulties he/she is facing in learning. YouTube is the best educational source in which a user can search and watch videos according to their need.

In addition, YouTube helps a person grow and follow their hobby, for instance, playing guitar, modeling, etc. Apart from this, some people also learn computer-based activities like hacking, which helps them get a job in a company with a good range of salary packages.


From recent surveys, every person who uses YouTube responds in favor of this platform, and this site is found to be helpful to the users. Everyone can learn effectively from YouTube; this site is also easy to use. Not only can this platform teach people, but it can also be a good source of earning by simply posting content on the channel. Lastly, YouTube is a site used in every sector of life, whether it is marketing, school, business, etc.

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