Why Hire an Electrician?


Electricians work in a variety of settings. Their tasks may include installing and repairing electrical equipment as well as wiring homes, offices and industrial buildings.

Electricalians must obtain a license, though the requirements vary from state to state. Typically, electricians must meet both education and experience criteria before earning either a journeyman or master electrician license.


Electrical repairs should never be attempted by a DIY-er; hiring an experienced electrician for all your electrical repair needs is recommended. Hiring someone unlicensed could leave your home or business vulnerable to fire hazards and serious injury.

A certified electrical contractor in Markham, Ontario possess the necessary education, tools and experience to do electrical work safely. Furthermore, they hold legal authorization to work on your property.

They collaborate with your general contractor to plan, install and repair wiring in structures to meet Markham, ON building codes.

No way can you be certain if your electrical work is being done safely or correctly until a professional electrician inspects it.

A licensed electrical contractor should always include their ECRA/ESA licence number on both estimates and vehicles, as well as providing you with an ESA Certificate of Inspection after the work is finished. This information is essential in keeping track of who you’re working with and avoiding any legal problems in the future.


When renovating an office building or upgrading a home electrical panel, it’s best to enlist the assistance of a licensed and insured electrician. Not only will they inspect your wiring for safety issues but also suggest the most effective approach in addressing them.

They will remain on the job until it’s completed, so you can be certain they will exercise extreme care and caution throughout their duties. Furthermore, make sure the licensed electrician markham you select has insurance and can provide you with a certificate of completion for your electrical project.

Electrical contractors and electricians have several types of insurance available to them, but the most essential one is commercial general liability (CGL). This covers any accidents or claims that may occur while working on your client’s properties – from property damage to third party bodily injury claims. CGL coverage is essential for any business; but especially so for those involved in electrical work.


When it comes to electrical installation and repair in Markham, always hire a certified Markham electrician. This is especially true for extensive projects as any mistakes in wiring could cause fires or serious injury.

Toronto Wiring is a well-known electrical contractor in Markham, offering affordable and efficient electrical services to their clients. Additionally, they specialize in hazardous wiring, structured cabling for emergency power solutions, security systems, explosive proof wiring, fire alarm systems and basement electrical wiring.

They specialize in providing hassle-free services for their customers, such as EV charger installation and service upgrades. With years of experience under their belt and being WSIB certified and fully insured, they offer free estimates on all new installations and fixture replacement projects. You may contact them via their online contact form anytime – they are available around the clock to assist you!

24 Hour Service

No matter if it’s your home or business that requires some upkeep, an electrician is your go-to for keeping your electrical system in prime condition. Their 24 hour service is unmatched by their competitors and will have you up and running quickly. No matter the project at hand, they offer everything from inspections to full scale installations and replacements – from energy efficient LED light upgrades to new generator installations for commercial properties – whatever the case may be, licensed and insured electricians are your best bet for a stress-free experience.

It is always wise to select a local company and read customer reviews before signing up for their services. You will appreciate the peace of mind this will bring you!