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Whether you’re looking for haunting news in Vietnam or something to scare you, this article has you covered. We’ll cover legends of Apartment 727 and a ghost monk, as well as a man who killed his own brother and parents.

Ghost Monk

During the Hungry Ghost Festival, Vietnamese people offer their sacrifices and prayers to their ancestors. They believe that if they are able to pay respect to their dead relatives, they will have good health.

There are many urban legends in trò chơi săn mồi Vietnam, and one of the most popular is a game of seance. This game is often performed in a cemetery or temple, and involves performing a ritual to get the attention of a ghost. The game works by writing down a list of 26 alphabet letters, as well as the name of a deity and a devil. If the spirits are summoned, the effigies of the alter-egos are then burnt to ashes.

Many people believe that if they whistle at midnight, they will attract snakes or evil spirits into their house. This is a fear that many Vietnamese people share.

According to Vietnamese mythology, a dog is guarding against lonely ghosts. In southern Vietnam, ghost masters would use songs to summon ghosts. The monks would chant and hold their head with both hands for about five minutes. They then guided the ghost back to their house.

Legends of Apartment 727

Located in District 5, 727 Tran Hung Dao Apartment has 530 rooms and is a part of a larger building. It was built before 1975 as military housing during the American War. The building is owned by Tam Duc Real Estate Co. Ltd. Several floors have been graffitied with various messages. The walls are deteriorating and cracking, and the building has several puddles of water.

In 2002, the city of Ho Chi Minh City relocated the apartment. The building was then abandoned, and has since displayed raw urban decay. trò chơi săn mồi Some residents say they can still hear screams and horror at night. Others say they hear the sound of a military parade going through the building. It has been said that the apparition of an American GI holding hands with a Vietnamese girl still exists in the building. Some have also heard the call of an officer at night.

The building was divided into six blocks and thirteen floors. The first floor was used for parking, while the other floors were used as dormitory rooms. The 12th floor was converted into a bar. The 13th floor was never used. The owner was warned by a French architect that the number 13 was bad luck. The bodies of four virgins were buried at the corners of the building to protect the building from evil spirits.