Align Your Teams with a Salesforce Marketo Integration!

Align Your Teams with a Salesforce Marketo Integration!

A Salesforce Marketo integration is the process of connecting these to platforms so that they

would exchange data seamlessly, in real time. It aims to create a swift flow of information

between the marketing and sales teams, to enable them to makes use of the data gathered by each


There are two ways in general how you can conduct such a merge. A Salesforce Marketo

integration can either be codeless or include coding. The former allows for fewer

customization options, yet it does not require an IT team to prepare and maintain it. The latter, on

the other hand, needs to be done by your developers and usually only they are able to fully

configure and modify it.

What are the benefits of a Salesforce Marketo integration?

We would not be talking about merging these two popular platforms if it wasn’t for the

great advantages that such an integration comes with? The list of benefits could be long, so

here we will focus only on the most important ones. What are they? Take a look below.

Improved customer satisfaction and retention – Exchanging data between teams means

that they’ll efforts are better targeted, fitting into your potential customer’s needs and

desires. And, by fulfilling these, you make your customer happy, increasing their

satisfaction and growing their loyalty.

Enhanced communication – The marketing and sales teams need to communicate – it is

critical for any company. Yet, the bigger the business, the more exhausting may

exchanging information get, to a level when doing it manually is simply impossible. But,

by integrating Marketo and Salesforce you ensure a seamless, quick data flow in

real-time, leading your teams to a collaboration better than ever.

Creating a consistent message – A marketing campaign leads to a sales campaign. An

advert leads to conversion. The customer is always brought from the jurisdiction of one

team to another. To improve the way they experience this road, it is crucial to create a

unified, consistent message. How to do that? By implementing all the business rules

into the platforms and integrating Marketo with Salesforce.

The takeaway

A Marketo and Salesforce integration is an excellent way to boost the collaboration

between your marketing and sales teams. By conducting it, you can create a consistent brand

message throughout all the channels, improve customer satisfaction and build a framework for a

seamless information flow withing your company


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